Here are some kind words from those who have benefited from care at Salisbury Sports Therapy so far.

Rachel Levinsohn

I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. She’s extremely good, very professional and friendly – there’s always a bit of a laugh in each session. Great service in a lovely clinic. The difference in my foot is incredible.

Adam Lewins

Sam is an excellent sports therapist. She has an impressive depth of knowledge and gets right to the source of the problem. I have had neck and shoulder pain for the last 5 years which got very painful. I was recommended Sam at Salisbury Sports Therapy by a colleague and after the first session, the…

Mo Touray

I’d had a knee op a few years ago which took ages to recover from so when I got issues with the other knee I really didn’t want to go down the op route. I went to see Sam after a year of not running hoping rest would improve my knee – after a few…

Dan Collins

I had an amazing experience at Salisbury Sports Therapy. Sam quickly diagnosed the issues I was having and after only two sessions resolved the pain issues I was having when weight lifting. I would highly recommend Salisbury Sports Therapy for anyone with sports or mobility issues.

Jo-Anne Gready

As a long distance runner, fitness fanatic and busy Allied Health professional, my body is constantly being stressed and pushed to its limits. Sam at Salisbury Sports Therapy targets any problems and niggles I am having, using various techniques and it is certainly paying off over the past few months. Sam is extremely professional, knowledgable,…

Rachel Holmes

I saw Sam when I was having problems with my feet. They hurt to walk on and sometimes just for no reason it would seem. Sam was professional and knowledgeable which helped me feel confident in her ability to get this sorted for me. The treatment I had also sorted a few other issues I…

Eileen Burton

This seems to be a completely different approach to physiotherapy than many other therapists, more gentle but at the same time very effective! Sam is very knowledgeable and thorough, and has definitely brought about an improvement to the problems I had. So much so, I recommended my husband consult regarding his back and arm pain,…

Mark Jackson

Thanks Sam, very please with Salisbury Sports Therapy as a whole. Will recommend to friends without a doubt.

Claire Feltham

Sam is a relaxed, highly professional sports therapist who immediately targeted the source of pain in my foot and has succeeded in elevating the pain that I had grown to live with! It is such a relief to understand the mechanism of the body and how it can heal through massage and gentle exercise.

Patrick McColgan

I’d highly recommend Salisbury Sports Therapy. Having had hamstring issues for over a year, I visited Sam who remedied the problem after four sessions. She really knows her stuff and constantly keeps you informed as to what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. I was very happy with the treatment I received.

Gerry Pearson

I’ve had a great experience with Sam. Good availability, a treatment that’s made a difference and useful tips for after the treatment.

Craig Kennedy

Can’t speak highly enough of Sam, would highly recommend , to get you back on track…

Lizzie Grayshon

Very good, focus on long term recovery and getting to the real cause of the problem not just dealing with the symptoms.

Paul Whitelock

Excellent and professional service in a great location

I Fox

I’ve been a client of Sam’s for over a month. I suffer from chronic migraine (over 15 days of migraine a month, lucky me!), and when I first got in touch with Sam I’d had a migraine every day for two months straight. I liked Sam immediately – she really does know her stuff –…

H Rose

Would highly recommend Sam, my shoulder issues were completely resolved within just two sessions, incredibly knowledgeable and professional.

A Burt

Sam was utterly professional and wonderful to have as a physio. She reassured me constantly and not only left me feeling physically better, but encouraged me to stick at the training and gave me faith that I could finish the half marathon – which I did. Sam’s hard work paid off and I was left…

C Spencer

I have had various treatments over many years with frustratingly limited results. The results with Sam are progressing incredibly well! She is highly professional and friendly. Everything is explained clearly with an approach that looks at the whole body, rather than focusing on the area of pain. I would recommend anyone to try this approach.

Kavi R

I started physio with Sam after an injury to my lower back. She is lovely and very knowledgeable. Being somebody in a similar field, it’s always fun to ask her questions about the anatomy of the human body that we’re working on and it’s amazing how much she knows! I come out of every session…

Paul Butler

Sam’s number is well worth knowing for anyone that’s looking for professional friendly and v.v.good Thanks and I’m a convert!

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